Gary Corsair


The actual film footage of the historic Wildwood vs. Columbia (Lake City) 1964 Florida High School State Championship Game will soon be professionally restored and be offered for sale on this website in the near future.

The game, which was filmed on two 16mm reels, has never been seen by the public because the reel of the first half was missing for decades. Author Gary Corsair discovered the long-lost film of the first half in a Kodak tin while talking to Byrd Whigham in his garage in Louisville, Alabama. Byrd gave Corsair the film, and films of a few other Wildwood games, in exchange for a DVD player, a DVD of the game, and cash.

Back in 1965, Byrd took the first half film with him when he left Wildwood after giving the reel of the second half to his assistant coach Dwight Maples, who decades later allowed former players to make copies of the film. Those players made a copy for Corsair.

Efforts are underway to secure the actual film from Coach Maples' son in hopes that both the first and second half films can be professionally restored and put on one DVD, with play-by-play audio dubbed onto a master. If all goes well, the finished product will premiere at an event honoring the 1964 Wildwood Wildcats.

A portion of proceeds from sales of the 1964 Championship DVD will benefit Wildwood High School athletics.

Stay tuned for details!