Gary Corsair
Writer   Editor   Speaker

“You’ll be one of those ‘mentor’ types I’ll tell stories about years down the road.” – Mark Johnson, college media instructor


In 2003, Gary established himself as an award-winning in-depth feature writer with an expose' of the sinking of the USS Eagle PE-56. Dozens of exclusives followed.

Most recently, he blew the lid off a small central Florida city's 48-year-old  "crime of the century" by writing Mean Marie.

Gary has won one or more Florida journalism awards for 14 consecutive years! No other writer or reporter  can make that claim!

So hire the best! Gary finds compelling stories others miss!

Features ... $1/word

Press releases ... $75/pg

Other ... $40/hour


Gary speaks on these subjects:

• Justice for the Groveland 4

• Wildwood's '64 State Champs

• Inside the newsroom

• Mean Marie's Reign of Terror

• Florida's 1st female doctor

• Chemical weapons in Sumter

• Self-publishing for fun & profit

• NASA whistleblower silenced

• History of The Villages

• Running Without Legs (motivational)

Gary has done dozens of free presentations, but now must charge a nominal fee. A portion of proceeds from Groveland 4 presentations benefits relatives of the defendants.

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Gary's vast experience in a variety of newsroom roles makes him a valued consultant, but it is his motivational techniques that truly set him apart from other problem-solvers.

Readership declining? Ad revenue down? Newsroom morale low? Gary can help you get the most out of your employees while also making them stakeholders.

7-day, off-site critique of your publication ... $125

5-day, on-site consultation  & action plan ... $2,500 & 50¢/mile

3-day group video training for print reporters ... 1,500 & 50¢/mile

Gary is also an accomplished public address announcer, radio sports commentator and videographer.

PA announcing ... negotiable

Radio... negotiable

Video and/or editing ... $40/hour


Gary has sold more than 1,700 copies of his self-published books about the Groveland rape case and had book signings at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and numerous independent book stores.

Gary edited Tragedies of the Heart by Vicki Butler and Confessions of an 84 Year Old Teenager by Thomas N. Shaw and co-authored 13 Minutes by R. Blaine Jorg.

Gary understands the ins and outs of self-publishing.  He can help you get published and get noticed ... and save you thousands of dollars in the process!

Manuscript critique ... $100

Promotional plan ... $60

Manuscript editing ... $5/pg

Manuscript rewrite ... $8/pg