“Gary is a wonderful writer… I always enjoyed reading his work to gain insight into how I could become a better writer and interviewer in order to write as vividly as he did.” –  Alexandra Lundahl, Professional writer, editor, journalist and PR consultant​

Add $4 for shipping and handling within the U.S., $8 outside the U.S.

Add $4 for shipping and handling within the U.S., $8 outside the U.S.

Legal Lynching: The Sad Saga of the Groveland Four exposes the tragic truths of what Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson called “One of the best examples of one of the worst menaces to American justice. READ MORE

“I'm of the opinion that great writers are the ones who listen, experience, and empathize with the people whom they interview. In doing so, you see a story clearly. I came to that opinion by watching and listening to Gary... He has a love for people and a love for story, as well as a concern for imparting the beauty and art of writing... He is what writing needs: skilled and a spirited proponent of the craft. – J.R. Duren, Author/Writer/Editorragraph here.

“Gary's thorough research and subsequent book on ‘The Groveland Four’ case was integral to the production of my documentary about the same topic… His attention to detail and telling the true story about the G4 case was very impressive. I remain very grateful to Gary for helping me bring my documentary to life. – Aaron Hose, Producer/Editor​

 “His talent is unsurpassed, his ethics are solid, his advice is sound, inspiring and actionable and his attention to detail and the craft of writing is inspiring. Columns that he wrote tug at my heart a decade later.” –  Christine Giordano, Managing Editor at Chief Investment Officer (a Strategic Insight media company, New York, New York

Recipient of 70 Journalism awards, including Outstanding Investigative Reporting & Best Sports Reporting

Gary Corsair

 “Gary is quite possibly the best writer that I have come across in my over 20 years experience in the media field… He always found just the ‘write’ words to fit every situation.” –  Shannon Tibbetts, Founder & Director, Intentional Heart Inc.​


It Only Happened Once … and Will Never Happen Again

In 58 years of Florida high school football playoffs only one school has claimed a state championship it wasn’t entitled to.

Cats With 12 Lives is the incredible true story of that school’s remarkable team, larger-than-life coach, and their quest of a real-life impossible dream. 

 “I believe he is not only a great writer, but a dedicated and resourceful, caring human being as demonstrated by his reportage and his research on the injustices of the Groveland Four.” –  Mark Newhouse, Author/Publisher/Teacher


Cats With 12 Lives

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Legal Lynching: The Sad Saga of the Groveland Four Price: $16.75 USD

“Gary Corsair is a wordsmith, a storyteller and a gentleman. If young reporters want to learn how to unspool a story for maximum effect, they should read some of the work Gary did during his long journalism career in Florida. Even the mundane assignments – and there were many – turned into gold in Gary's hands.” – John Paul McDonnall, Night Metro Editor at The Arizona Republic