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WUCF producer Keith Salkowski is putting the finishing touches on the documentary, The Groveland Four, which features interviews with Gary Corsair and Henrietta Irvin.

Corsair has been invited to a private screening in late May. Salkowski hopes to air the documentary on HBO, Showtime or the History Channel.

April 27, 2018

Overview of

Lessons Learned From

The Groveland Four

Program length: 55-minutes

• Program begins with 17-minute documentary, The Groveland Four

• Discussion of Gary Corsair's 11-year quest for the truth and the remarkable people who helped him along the way.

• 10-minute PowerPoint presentation (optional) examining the case.

• Discussion of the CHARACTER

of the sheriff, prosecutor and defendants.

Discussion of the INTEGRITY

of Alex Akerman, the white attorney who took the case he knew he couldn't win. 

• Discussion of the HONESTY

of defendant Walter Irvin, who would not lie to save his life.

• Discussion of FORGIVENESS

shown by defendant Charles Greenlee, who served 11 1/2 years for a crime he did not commit, yet bore no malice.

• Question and answer session.

• Corsair signs copies of his book

"Gary Corsair is a wordsmith, a storyteller and a gentleman. If young reporters want to learn how to unspool a story for maximum effect, they should read some of the work Gary did during his long journalism career in Florida. Even the mundane assignments – and there were many – turned into gold in Gary's hands. In addition to his writing talent, Gary’s demeanor and personal skills really stand out. That’s how he got the quotes nobody else could.”

— John Paul McDonnall, Arizona Republic

Recipient of 64 Journalism awards, including Best Investigative Reporting                                    from the Florida Magazine Association


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Need a speaker for your book club, convention, school assembly, retreat, or meeting?  Gary provides lively and insightful discussions of these topics:

Lessons Learned From The Groveland Four.

• The '64 Wildwood Wildcats, the greatest underdogs of all time.

Mean Marie, second woman to land on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List.

• The Redemption of Dr. Olive Worcester, Florida's 1st female physician.

• Gold Records in the Snow, why Buddy Holly's plane crashed.

• Sports card collecting for fun and profit.

Gary is writing

'Cats With 12 Lives, the story of the '64 Florida High School State Champion Wildwood Wildcats.  

Gary has edited books for three authors and helped dozens of writers improve. He'll be happy to edit your project or critique your manuscript or other written work.

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Gary is available to freelance for newspapers, websites and magazines. He also writes tight press releases, informational brochures, company profiles, ad copy, whatever you need!